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The Schmidt und CO. Ltd. is situated in the southern part of Transdanubia 20 km away from Pécs. It is near the Croatian border and the region known as Ormánság that is rich in herbs. The family firm has been doing a variety of activities since 1997 - among them producing, collecting, purchasing and processing medicinal herbs and spices; also, under the brand name Melius it has been selling and packaging its own products such as various single and multi-component tea blends. The Hungarian owner of the firm, Schmidt József has got a decade of experience as an agricultural engineer.

The collection of medicinal plants and spices that occur in a natural environment largely takes place in the counties of Somogy and Baranya. Since 2001 we have been selling "organic" herbs such as chamomile and fennel under the supervision of the Biokontroll Hungary Kht.

Our range of operation is enlivened by packaging herbs in tea-bags and also by leasing our packaging capabilities to other companies. Apart from selling on the domestic market, we also play a part in supplying the wholesale markets and the pharmaceutical industries of numerous European countries - chiefly Germany. Our markets are expanding to encompass the US as well. 70% of our output is exported - in numerical terms that equals 3-400 metric tons.

Our facilities in Baksa consist of 4000 m2 of storage space, 4 hot-air driers, 3 Winicker chopping machines and various other machines that play a part in processing and shifting the produce as well as those assisting in agricultural production. Our tea filter production takes place in our branch in Lakócsa.

We would like to contribute to bettering the standards of living in our country by operating our firm, utilising the natural resources of Hungary, by purchasing herbs and by creating jobs. Furthermore, we support popularising the consumption of traditional herbal tea blends.
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